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Come to one of our adoption information evenings to find out more about adoption.

Some children in Hackney cannot stay with their birth families and therefore require another permanent option, adoption being one of these. If you think you would like to adopt and have the time, patience and space in your home, and in your heart for a child, then we would like to hear from you.

We are always pleased to discuss any aspect of adoption or queries you may have about your eligibility – just call us on 0800 694 0101.

Alternatively if you are already an adoptive parent or have lost a child through adoption and would like further support or advice please see adoption support. Hackney Adoption Service works in partnership with the East London Adoption Consortium.

What is adoption?

Adoption is a way of providing a new family for children who are no longer able to live with their birth families. It transfers the legal rights and parental responsibility of birth parents to adoptive parents. Adoption is about meeting the needs of the children, not meeting the needs of adults who wish to adopt.

Children who need adoption

The population of Hackney is one of the most diverse in London. This diversity is reflected in the children we seek homes for.

There are all kinds of reasons why children cannot stay with their birth families. Some children have come from complex family backgrounds. Their parents may have abused alcohol or drugs or be suffering from mental health problems. Secure loving homes are particularly sought for:

  • children of school age
  • siblings who need to stay together
  • children from minority ethnic groups who need families who can meet their racial, ethnic and cultural needs
  • children with physical or mental disabilities

Who can adopt?

  • we welcome applications from people from all areas of society and do not discriminate in any way against gender, ethnicity and sexuality. Only by recruiting from a wide audience will we have the best chance of finding the right, permanent families for children, families who can best meet the needs of the child and who can closely reflect the child’s ethnicity and/or culture
  • prospective adopters must be over the age of 21. There is no upper age limit. As long as you have the physical and mental energy to care for a child throughout their childhood and beyond, you are eligible to adopt regardless of your age
  • home owners or people who rent their home – as long as your home is secure and you have the space to care for children as they grow
  • we welcome applications from residents within the Hackney borough and those living outside the area. However, it is preferable that applicants adopting children over the age of 2 live outside of the borough
  • applicants must not have any criminal offences against children
  • parent(s), or those without children
  • a single person or one partner in an unmarried couple can adopt. Since 30 December 2005 unmarried couples in England and Wales can apply to adopt jointly

Take a look at our short video about adoption.

The Council also accepts applications from people wishing to adopt from overseas. Such assessments are carried out by a voluntary adoption agency and the cost is met by the adopters.

How to find out more about adoption

If you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent and would like to know more you can contact us using any of the following:

  • contact us via our adoption and fostering freephone number 0800 694 0101 where you’ll be able to talk to a social worker experienced in adoption practice. You will then be sent an information pack, which is also available on this page
  • come to one of our open days
  • register your interest with the North London Adoption Consortium

Intercountry adoption

Hackney Adoption Service has a Service Level Agreement with the Inter-country Adoption Centre. If you would like to find out more about adopting a child overseas please visit the Intercountry Adoption Centre.

Page updated on: 9 July 2019

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