Car Free Day 2019

We have been at the forefront of World Car Free Day for a number of years. Car Free Day provides an opportunity for the public to experience our streets and public spaces car-free, creating  safe spaces for the public to occupy. 

To mark Car Free Day 2019,  we’ll be celebrating in 2 ways: Stoke Newington Church Street will be closed to motor vehicles to create car-free space for the public to enjoy and play street hosts across the borough will celebrate with a mass play street event. More on both events below. 

Stoke Newington Church Street closure

Stoke Newington Church Street will be transformed by removing private motor vehicles to allow residents, businesses  and visitors to imagine what the street could look like with fewer vehicles. 

How you can get involved in the Stoke Newington Church Street closure

More information will be posted shortly. 

Play streets

Hackney was the first council in London to reintroduce official play streets and there are over 60 play streets and estates operating in the borough.

The Council and Hackney Play Streets are facilitating a mass play street event, inviting existing and new hosts to host on Car Free Day.

All Hackney streets participating in this years’ event will receive a free play streets pack. 

How you can get involved in play streets

If you are an existing Hackney play street or play estate, you can take part in this year’s Car Free Day by contacting Allison Vitalis ( from Hackney Play Streets. The deadline to register your interest is 8 September. 

New to Hackney play streets? The deadline for new play street applications to host on Car Free Day was 15 August. If you missed the deadline, you can sign up to become a play street or estate host at any time. To find out more about the scheme, visit play streets

Find out more about Car Free Day in Hackney.

Page updated on: 24 July 2019