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Family learning intervention programme (FLIP)

FLIP is a voluntary service that works with young people on the edge of care and their families, who are already known to Hackney Children’s Social Care, where there is a risk of family breakdown.

We also work with young people in long-term foster or residential care to support the stability of a placement, assist in planned transitions or with rehabilitation.

Eligible participants are identified for the programme by their social work team.

Key elements of the programme

  • a creative and safe learning environment in a rural setting outside of London providing a ‘home away from home’
  • the context and resources to help build resilience to a range of external risk factors
  • strengthening relationships and placements outside of traditional settings
  • early involvement that empowers participants
  • a diverse, multi-disciplinary team offering a range of creative and tailored interventions

The programme works with the family unit to develop positive, healthy routines and has worked successfully to improve family relationships, prevent children leaving the family setting and reduce contextual safeguarding risks, including gang involvement and risk of child sexual exploitation.

Further information

Page updated on: 4 July 2019

Family Learning Intervention Programme (FLIP)