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Householder planning application guidance

The following stages of a householder planning application and will help you understand the planning and building process.

Stage 1: pre-application

Information and advice on Stage 1: pre-application, includes:

  • do I need planning permission?
  • I live in a flat and wish to undertake a development. How does this differ from development to a house?
  • what process do you follow when considering my householder planning application?
  • my house is in a conservation area, does this affect my application?
  • can I get advice on my proposal before I submit an application?
  • how do I go green?
  • what will you consider when looking at my application?
  • how much will this cost?
  • what do I need to provide?
  • what does a complete application look like? (includes completed form, example plans, design and access statement, fee etc)

Stage 2: submitting and validation

Information and advice on Stage 2: submitting and validation, includes:

  • can someone check my plans before I submit?
  • what do you do with my application when you receive it?

Stage 3 evaluation and site visit

Information and advice on Stage 3: evaluation and site visit, includes:

  • if my neighbour objects will the application be refused?
  • why do you need to visit my property?

Stage 4: decision making

Information and advice on Stage 4: decision making, includes:

  • when can I expect to receive my decision?
  • what will the decision look like?
  • what conditions are likely to apply?
  • what can I do if the application is refused?
  • how long does my permission last?

Stage 5: post planning and building

Information and advice on Stage 5: post planning and building, includes:

  • discharging a condition
  • complying with standard conditions
  • building control
Page updated on: 11 July 2019

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