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How we assess your application

Everyone applying to the Council for housing will initially have their housing needs priority assessed within a very simple point scheme.

Having calculated the total points the application attracts, each application is placed within one of five bands, in date order. The priority or band date used will usually be either the application date or the date on which the current level of housing need began, whichever is the later.

Who is in the letting bands?

Emergency band (250 + points)

  • emergency hospital discharge cases, unable to accept temporary housing
  • fire and flood in Council homes
  • emergency re-housing for police witnesses under threat

Urgent band (100 – 240 points)

  • overcrowded households – needing two or more extra bedrooms
  • urgent health needs – ‘A’ Medical
  • urgent domestic violence or serious harassment – ‘A’ Social
  • council tenants moving to smaller homes
  • council interest tenants being moved to allow for redevelopment
  • council interest tenants giving up adapted and wheelchair standard homes
  • council interest tenants in individual council properties in disrepair
  • council interest tenants in temporary housing to facilitate works

Priority (non-homeless)/Homeless band (40 – 90 points)

  • single young people leaving care or supported housing
  • households accepted under mobility schemes
  • statutory homeless households

General band (10 – 30 points)

  • people with less urgent health needs – B Medical
  • agreed ‘non priority homeless’ households – ‘B’ Insecurity
  • overcrowded households – needing one extra bedroom
  • people suffering harassment but not life threatening – ‘B’ Social

Reserve band (0 points)

  • households with no significant housing need

All applicants may bid for advertised properties, however, a majority of our homes will go to people in the Priority and Urgent bands. Any remaining properties will usually be offered to General band applicants.

How many bedrooms am I entitled to?

The examples below are a guide to bedroom standard, advice on individual applicant’s circumstances is available from housing staff:

  • single adult – bedsit or one bedroom accommodation
  • couple without children – one bedroom accommodation
  • couple/adult with one child or two children of the same sex – two bedroom accommodation
  • couple/adult with three children/ or one boy and one girl – three bedroom accommodation
  • couple/ adult with five or six children – four or five bedroom accommodation

What happens if I have medical problems or special needs?

You will need to complete a medical assessment form for each person with a health condition. The form is available from local housing offices and the Housing Reception at Christopher Addison House.

You do not need to submit a letter from your doctor. We will contact your doctor or appropriate person if and when necessary.

After completing and returning the form, we will carry out an assessment to determine the type of accommodation you require and the urgency of your housing need.

My circumstances have changed, what do I do?

You should confirm the changes by providing documents to:

  • tenants – your neighbourhood office rehousing team
  • those accepted as homeless – your case worker or temporary accommodation link officer
  • all other applicants – please notify the Housing Needs Service, Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street E8 1DY

What’s my registration/ bidding number?

This is the number that will enable you to bid for properties under the Hackney Choice scheme. You will also need to quote if you have a query about your application. A letter with your housing register number was sent to you when you joined the scheme.

If you do not know your number please call us.

Page updated on: 26 June 2019

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