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Parking bays for disabled drivers

If you are a blue badge holder with no access to off street parking, you may be able to get a disabled parking bay installed outside your home or within a residential car park. Disabled parking bays can be used by any blue badge holder.

If you hold a valid blue badge you can apply for a companion badge. The companion badge is free and provides additional security against the possibility of blue badge theft. If you live in a parking zone you can use the companion badge to park in your home residential parking bays.

For any advice about disabled bays, email call 020 8356 8328.

Apply for a disabled bay

Print the application form, complete it and email / post it to the address below.

Check that you meet the eligibility criteria. Due to the legal process we have to follow, it can take a minimum of 3 months to install a bay. We have to advertise the proposed changes and give people a chance to object.

Claim an existing disabled bay

If a disabled bay isn’t being used, we may remove it. If you’re a blue badge holder and you meet the eligibility criteria you can have an unused bay registered in your name.

Print the new user request form, complete it and email / post it to the address below.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The person for whom the bay is being applied for must live at the address and hold a valid Blue Badge.a, b
  2. The car must be registered at the address where the bay is required.
  3. The blue badge holder must be the main driver of the vehicle.a, b
  4. The address where the bay is required must not have off-street parking available.
  5. The address where the bay is required must be situated on a public street or an estate managed by Hackney Council.

a) We will accept applications received on behalf of dependents under the age of 18, as long as the dependent holds a valid blue badge and the applicant lives at the same address as the dependent and has a vehicle registered at that address.

b) We will accept applications if you hold a valid blue badge and require a specifically adapted vehicle. This also includes applications on behalf of a passenger over the age of 18 only. Please be aware the passenger must live at the same address that the adapted vehicle is registered to.

We may in exceptional circumstances choose to apply discretion where an applicant’s need or circumstances warrant doing so eg you don’t have an adapted vehicle but still require a bay as a passenger.

If you don’t meet the criteria set out above but believe that your circumstances are exceptional and should be reviewed, please tell us about your disability and how it affects your movement and walking, and any other considerations you believe are relevant to your application on the page provided at the end of your form.

Each application will be reviewed and, if deemed appropriate, referred for a mobility assessment.

Page updated on: 3 July 2019

Parking bays for disabled drivers


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