Partners in practice

The partners in practice (PiP) programme is a partnership between local and central government to bring together the best practitioners and leaders in children’s social care to improve the system and support others to improve.

The Council has been selected by the Department for Education as one of 8 new partners in practice across the country.

Through the programme they will:

  • demonstrate what works and drive innovation in children’s services
  • build understanding of the conditions needed for excellent practice to flourish
  • drive sector-led improvement through peer support to authorities who need to improve

Enhancing systemic social work practice

Our PiP work is focussed on enhancing our systemic social work practice, developing and delivering systemic leadership training and support to all levels of management in Hackney.

We’re strengthening systemic practice internally by looking again at parts of the system where there are currently constraints in place to practicing in a systematic way, in particular meeting formats and decision-making processes.

Understanding what works

We’re the first and currently the only local authority to have developed its own accredited systemic social work training programme, with accreditation from the Association of Family Therapy.

We’re continuing to deliver and expand our practitioner training and formulate and deliver development programmes for all levels of management.

We’ve mostly focussed on practitioner training, but we’ve also identified a need to support managers to continue to develop their systemic approaches to supporting practitioners and to apply systemic principles to organisational leadership.

The work we’re delivering includes defining the systemic approaches that are most relevant for frontline managers, middle managers, practitioners and leaders within the statutory local authority context.

We’re delivering a systemic management and leadership programme that’s specific to the needs and challenges of working within a statutory social work organisation, which we’ll then share with the sector.

Additionally, we’re reviewing and reformatting a broader range of meeting processes, to make them more reflective, collaborative and productive. We’ll do this by applying systemic principles and practices across a range of statutory processes, applicable to all ages and stages of family life.

Helping others to improve

As part of our PiP work, we’re offering bespoke peer support to up to 6 local authorities over 2 years, working alongside them to support organisational implementation of systemic practice and systemic review of their whole organisation.

We will:

  • use our experience and learning to share systemic practice, what works and how to make it work, more widely across the sector using methods that have proved successful in our own system change journey
  • offer up to 120 days of support per authority
  • take learning from our own work embedding systemic practice and will use this experience to facilitate change through co-production in your authorities
  • work with authorities that have already started to develop systemic practice or where there is a commitment to developing systemic practice
  • develop and utilise systemic quality assurance and diagnostic tools and process to support authorities on their improvement journey to align all aspects of their organisation to support stronger social work practice
Page updated on: 3 July 2019