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Summer in Hackney

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Free recycling in schools

Recycling collections

All schools (including private schools) in Hackney are entitled to free weekly recycling collections.

We provide recycling bins, which come in 2 sizes (500 litre or 1280 litre), as well as posters to encourage pupils to recycle.

Contact us to arrange a free recycling collection for your school or order extra bins.

Food waste recycling and composting

We offer free weekly food waste collections to all schools in Hackney. We also advise schools on setting up composting schemes.

We can provide a variety of sizes of blue bins and compostable liners to contain your food waste depending on the set up of the school kitchen/canteen.

If you would like to recycle food waste in your school/order compostable liners please contact us.

What happens to my food waste?

Food waste from households in Hackney is sent to an anaerobic digestion facility in south east England, where it’s turned into renewable energy to power homes and biofertiliser to be spread on local farmland to grow crops.

Waste and recycling education programmes

Our partner Eco ACTIVE runs free waste and recycling activities for schools in Hackney. Activities which can be tailored to the needs of your school and the curriculum include:

  1. help setting up and maintaining school recycling systems
  2. help with packaging and food waste recycling at lunch time
  3. composting workshops
  4. litter and local environment projects

Contact EcoACTIVE for more details and to make a booking.

Clothes and textiles

Charities like TRAID and Islamic Relief provide collection banks for clothing and textiles to schools.

Page updated on: 5 June 2019

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