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Support for children, young people and their families

Our children’s and young people’s services team (CYPS) assess children’s and families’ needs to provide family support most effectively.

Family support services

Our range of services for families provides supplementary support for families with children aged pre-birth to 18. The services available for professionals  also support the social work units and aim to reduce the need for children to become ‘looked after’ by assisting parents to develop a range of skills that will help them manage their circumstances and positively change their parenting.

Family support services is an umbrella term for a broad range of activity, including:

Parenting assessment and support service (PASS)

PASS works alongside children and families receiving statutory social work interventions and assists parents and primary carers to provide ‘good enough’ parenting, ensuring that children gain a sense of security by helping their parents develop a predictable and reliable environment. PASS also assesses parenting capacity using skilled practitioners through interviews and observation.

Targeted family support and troubled families

The family units provide intensive support to families where there are concerns over parenting or child behaviour that do not require social work intervention. This includes families identified under the troubled families programme, which works with families with needs that prevent them from meeting their potential. Identifying troubled families.

Support includes:

  • reducing offending and anti-social behaviours
  • improving school attendance and engagement in learning
  • maximising opportunities for access to employment and training

The family network meetings service (FNM)

A swift and flexible method to help prevent family breakdown and enable children to remain living safely within their family networks. Family network meetings are available to all families with an allocated worker in CYPS.

Contact services

Helps children and their families to have safe and good quality contact with each other. The service supports children who are looked after or living away from home with supervised or supported contact sessions. The service does not facilitate contact sessions for children who are not open to CYPS.

Clinical services

The clinical service is integrated with CYPS and offers direct support to families, clinical consultation to the social work units and training to staff and foster carers.

Clinicians work directly with families where there are concerns about a child’s emotional wellbeing, behaviour, development or mental health; including abuse and neglect, developmental trauma, relationship and attachment difficulties, parenting difficulties, deliberate self harm and substance misuse problems.

The clinical service works with children and families from pre-birth to leaving care, and our clinicians come from a range of professional backgrounds including systemic psychotherapy, clinical psychology and counselling psychology, drawing from a range of evidence-based approaches.

The service also provides a number of specialist assessments and interventions including:

  • the impact of learning disabilities on parenting
  • the impact of parental mental health and personality issues
  • parents’ reflective functioning (ie capacity to mentalise about their children)
  • risk of current and future abuse
  • the quality of parent-infant relationships
  • attachment issues
  • sexually harmful behaviours by children
  • cognitive, adaptive and neurological functioning
  • attention and concentration difficulties
  • children’s academic attainment

The clinical service also delivers:

  • Hackney individuals and couples as parents (HICAPS) – systemic therapy for couples experiencing mental health or relationship difficulties that affect their parenting
  • individual therapies for trauma – evidence-based trauma therapies for adults and children, including eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), Kidnet (narrative exposure therapy for children) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
  • parent-infant therapy – to improve the quality of early relationships between young children (aged 0-3) and their caregivers as well as improving the security of attachments and to increase parents’ and carers’ ability to meet their children’s emotional and developmental needs
  • dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP) – a therapeutic approach designed for children who have experienced difficulties in their early relationships with caregivers, that helps children to increase the security of their attachment relationships and to use this as a basis to process difficult experiences in their past
  • new beginnings group – a parent-infant group, run in collaboration with the Anna Freud Centre, designed to support parents in developing relationships with their young babies (0-8 months)
  • multi-family group therapy (MFGT) – involves working therapeutically with families in a group with others experiencing similar difficulties, designed to address concerns about parenting, family relationships, communication and boundaries and children’s emotional wellbeing and behaviour
  • tuck in and talk group – based on the Lifeworx model, this is a group for care leavers who have emotional, behavioural and relationship difficulties which are affecting their quality of life and progression towards independence

Service providers and partners

We also provide a range of family support services through external partners. Services are allocated according to the results of the assessment. Voluntary sector services which offer support to families and young people:

Other partners of this service are:

Referrals and accessing the service

See individual providers and partners details above for referrals and to access information.

Page updated on: 4 July 2019

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